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SEX Male
AGE 2 Years
Baxter is a 2 year old German Short-haired Pointer cross Red Setter.
He will need lots of exercise so is not for the fair weather dog owner.
He is dog sociable and may live with the right dog in the home. He will need a secure enclosed garden.
Baxter is crate trained and settles nicely into his crate. He is also fully house trained with good foundation training.
Baxter is currently unemployed and will make up his own fun to release energy. He has great potential for a running or nose sport.
He can be unsure of small children but improving with training. He has grown up in a lovely household with two teenagers and 10 year old. He would happily live with older teenagers.
He loves to curl up on the couch at the end of the day.
He has been living in a family with two teenagers and a very tall 9 year old, and another female dog, but the relationship with the other dog never really settled and more recently has deteriorated further with her becoming more and more grumpy with Baxter and causing him more and more stress. Having seen him in another environment (home boarding with other dogs while family away with the other dog) we realised how different he could be when chilled and bought in a dog behaviourist to see if we could build the relationship.
Sadly the family have not been able to and have taken the heart breaking decision that it would be better for Baxter to have a home away from the other dog where he can be happier and reach his full potential with someone who will continue to train him, build on his strengths and continue to give him the love and fuss he adores!!!!!
It is very important to the family that Baxter finds the right home and they are hoping they can home him from their home. They would ideally like his transition to a new home to be staged with walks, day visits and over night stays over a short period so that he can settle in and the new family can settle with him gradually. He would love to have company of an older, calmer dog.
He will need a home that is used to fairly large energetic dogs and an enthusiasm for long walks or runs (he has been training to run in a harness and he loves it) and a willingness to continue his training and probably introduce him to a brain sport like scent work. He isn't good with small children due to his size and energy levels, but teenagers would be ok.
If you are interested in being his final forever family please email his family for more details