We are all so pleased to finally be able to show you a project which has been going on behind the scenes during Lockdown!

Our old Cattery has served us well, and has housed hundreds of cats over the last 19 years. But time was definitely catching up on it, and we knew we needed to replace it for the comfort and safety of our cats
So several years ago, we began to start planning a new, luxury cattery unit - much bigger and better than our existing one, we were all very excited! But things never quite go according to plan - and this was definitely the case with this project! The ground where we hoped to site the new cattery was not stable enough, there were issues getting services to the area, it became a very difficult project indeed!
After a few years of trying to iron out the problems, while the cattery was ageing more - it was decided we would change the project slightly and instead of relocating the cattery in a different area as planned, it was decided to replace the existing with a similar but much improved unit.
The plans were drawn up and approved and a date for installation was confirmed - May 4th 2020, Star Wars Day!
The existing Cattery was dismantled mid February 2020, our cats were boarded at a local cattery. Things were going great - old cattery out, flooring ready to go down ............then Covid hit!
Nobody could have seen it coming, but come it did! At a time when virtually ALL income ceased, we were committed to an expensive project!
The build was put on hold, work started again middle of last year, only to be stopped again in the 2nd Lockdown
But finally towards the end of last year, our new Cattery named Whiskers Way was completed and started accepting cats
It has been an expensive project at a time when spare funds are scarce
We would like to ask our supporters for help to cover some of these costs - we have many followers on our Facebook Page, if each one of those donated just a few pounds, we would make a big dent in the cattery costs
If you would like to help - please donate on our Viginmoney Giving site
Thank You

Thank You


We always have lots of very lovely cats needing good homes.
All our adult cats are microchipped, so if they ever get lost they can be re-united with you very quickly.
We vaccinate our cats against cat flu and feline enteritis when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. Some will need a second injection given later, so you may have to take your new cat to get this done after you have adopted it.
If you are interested in a particular cat, it is always best to telephone the rescue on 0118 9341122 before coming, to make sure the cat has not already been booked.
Please read our Homing Criteria BEFORE coming to see any of our cats.
We always do a home check before any cat is adopted. This can usually be arranged within a couple of days, but may take a lot longer depending on your location and the availability of our homecheckers. Once the home check is done we ask that you pick your new pet up within 24 hours, to free up the cage for another cat needing our help.
Our suggested minimum donation for one of our cats or kittens is £80 (£120.00 if adopting a pair)
Donations made by adopters are a vital contribution to our funds. They are not compulsory, as a good home is the first consideration for our animals. Our adopters almost invariably wish to make a donation at the time of adoption however, and the above suggestion represent approx. half the average cost to our charity of preparing each cat for rehoming, although many do cost the charity a lot more due to health and other problems. We try our best to give all animals in our care whatever help they need. Therefore larger donations are always much appreciated
If you are not comfortable with making a donation, please consider the effect this will have on the charity’s ability to help other animals in need in the future. Please also consider your ability to meet the considerable ongoing expenses that responsible animal care represents. These matters should be discussed with us before the adoption proceeds.




SEX Male (Neutered)

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